FWH x Madewell Event Recap

madewellevent18 copy

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting an event with Madewell and it was absolute good times with most of my family, friends, readers, and supporters. Bloggers, fashion insiders,  and many more came out to celebrate style, drinks, delicious cupcakes from O’Wonderful Cupcakes, and most importantly to get a dose of Madewell’s cool new Spring Line with tons of denim hotness and inspiration. The theme was “Celebrating the Jean Jacket,” so it was super cool to see people rocking their jean jackets/vests. Oh, and there was also a sickkkk-ripping and running-clothes flying-15 minute styling challenge between 5 groups. Oh yes…Ultra fun! Check out the photos below, but BEWARE, the celebration was on FULL MODE. 😉
madewellevet13My team. I couldn’t have made it all possible without these two. My girl Tia and Avon from Style101Mag.
fwhmadewellmadewelleventJason, Tashia, and Jen
madewellevent20Violesia, Antwan from Trvistic Boutique and Lisa
madewellevent23madewellevent35Cute chambray and denim shirts laid out in the Madewell store.
madewellevent12Kerrisha trying on the adorable sunnies in the store.
madewellevent19Teena from Fashion For Breakfast, moi, Laquisha from Corner Girl Curl, and Violesia
madewellevent5One of the winning Boho Glam looks from the Styling Challenge.
madewellevent11Kerrisha and I damn near identical. Great minds think alike. 😉
madewellevent30Love the excitement in this pic. Natalia and Avon introduce themselves. 🙂
madewellevent25Tia trying on the Madewell denim vest in the dressing room.
….that she later rocked. I think it’s safe to say she’s lovin’ it. Ha! (Me, Tia, and my boo Kenny..who was also super helpful! Thanks babe)
madewellevent28Chet from Trvistic Boutique with Teena pulling clothes for his look. Doesn’t he look super determined? lol
madewellevent7WERK! I didn’t get his name but in every pic he is SERVING them poses! LOVE IT!
madewellevent31Avon instructing the participating Style competitors.
madewellevent32Tashia focused on getting her team’s look to perfection.
Shuna from Creative Development Studios and Latease Lashley from Creatively Speaking INC
modelsThe models and their Boho Glam looks!
madewellevent8madewellevent36 madewellevent34
Love the way this groups mixed stripes, floral and denim together. So cute!
The 2nd place Winners of the Style Challenge!
winningteamThe Winners!
meAnnddd meeee! 🙂 (What I Wore: All Madewell except for Shoemint pumps)
Photos by Daisha Jackson of Safi Photography
Thanks for stopping by guys! Hope you enjoyed the pics. Have a great day!!

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I have a deep affinity for style, vintage, music, vacations, friends, and love. My diary of fashion is to share my personal style, random thoughts and experiences with anyone who cares to read. I dont really follow trends, I follow what feels right. Confidence is key. xoxo
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5 Responses to FWH x Madewell Event Recap

  1. rocquelleislovely says:

    Your event looks like it was a blast!!! I totally wish I could’ve flown up 😉 lol.

  2. Tia says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it ALL! I had soo much fun and happy that I was able to support and assist you! Keep it Going! XOXO

  3. What a fun celebration for a classic fabric.
    Personal & Wardrobe Stylist

  4. Kenny says:

    LOved the Event had the greatest time …… SO proud of you Doll!!!

  5. Channing says:

    This looks like fun! Go you! I love Madewell and you look super cute 🙂

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