Dragon Bomber

Vintage bomber jacket, Stephanie B tee, Joe’s cut offs (made from jeans), Zara shoes, Michael Kors watch
So I started to name this post “Korean bomber” but it sounded too wild – like some war, bang bang, blow up things kinda situation…lol. After much thought, I decided to change it before folks got scared and gave me the side eye (or maybe I’m tripping..lol.) Any who, my friend bought this jacket for me about 2 years ago while shopping in a vintage store. It is actually from the men’s sections which by the way, I am not afraid to browse from time to time to find oversized treasures. I kept it casual with a comfy tee and cut offs so it wouldn’t be too much. I think I may try this jacket with a short dress next time. Hmmm…we’ll see. 🙂
My photographer told me to do a Karate chop…and so I did…and I look silly. lol
Thanks for stopping by guys!! Happy Thursday!

About Taliah

I have a deep affinity for style, vintage, music, vacations, friends, and love. My diary of fashion is to share my personal style, random thoughts and experiences with anyone who cares to read. I dont really follow trends, I follow what feels right. Confidence is key. xoxo
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5 Responses to Dragon Bomber

  1. eSouK Boutique says:

    Gotta love vintage

  2. Shannon says:

    Cute outfit! Love the fit of your shorts, and the shoes are perfect with this.

    – Shannon

  3. Love this look! That jacket is fabulous, babe! ❤

  4. Hi there, fellow wordpress blogger. I absolutely love your site. This jacket is dope. That gap multi-colored belt is really nice. I think I would have walked right passed that in the store. Your style is simply amazing. Congratulations on the success of your blog thus far. I am now following you and look forward to more styles and pics. Check out my blog when you can. It’s about natural hair, make-up and a lil fashion as well.

    Many blessings to you, 🙂

  5. *hides face* I so remember when these jackets were first popular. I love the way you styled it to look modern and fresh!

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