The Triple D: Dip Dyed DIY (Ombre Style)

Now before you read on, just know that this was almost a DIY gone wrong. So I took a small bleach dive with my Silence & Noise shorts for a not so perfect ombre style effect. Hmmm..let’s jut say my attempt made it to about 75% of what I imagined in my mind. I’m a little upset that my vision didn’t come into full fruition (sh*t happens) but overall, I am happy with the results.
I youtubed a couple of DIY videos to get a basis of what is involved in dip dyng denim and took bits and pieces from each to make my own. Looking at the before pics, you can already see that my cut offs were pre-spotted with bleach and had a worn in look, so it seemed to be the perfect pair to test out. Here are my steps below:
Materials Needed: large bucket or bowl, water, bleach, old pair of denim shorts (colored would be great too), gloves, and a tooth brush (optional.)
1. Pour approximately 2 inches of bleach into the bucket and then dilute it a bit with water.
2. Put on plastic gloves for protection and place shorts halfway or 1/4 (your preference) inside the bucket and let sit.
3. Let shorts sit in bleach for about 20 min. You will start to notice the color fading. Rotate sides for an even bleach distribution, while periodically flipping them inside out.
4. After you’ve achieved your desired ombre wash, pop them bad boys in the washer machine (I didnt use detergent) using warm water and then let them dry.
Note: Using an old tooth brush to smear and brush the break in the ombre can add more of a blend to you shorts (optional.)
Pros: They give your old shorts or any pair a new, fresh look.
It’s a simple and easy DIY but just pay attention to the bleach rising, it can go up too far like mine.
Cons: Bleach can destroy the synthetic lycras/spandex in stretch jeans and will result in a loose and different fit after your done, so beware.
I almost didnt share this DIY because I wasn’t completely satisfied with the outcome but I am using this as a learning experience for the next time. I MUST redeem myself. lol. However, I think I will wear these all weekend with camisoles and tucked in tank tops so you can see a little bit of my ombre style. 🙂
So lovelies, what do you think of my ombre style shorts??

About Taliah

I have a deep affinity for style, vintage, music, vacations, friends, and love. My diary of fashion is to share my personal style, random thoughts and experiences with anyone who cares to read. I dont really follow trends, I follow what feels right. Confidence is key. xoxo
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4 Responses to The Triple D: Dip Dyed DIY (Ombre Style)

  1. That’s really funky and unique. I like the dip dyed ombre look on the shorts.

  2. Channing in The City says:

    I really like them! They are unique.

  3. silhouette says:

    great post!love the result!i’ll try it!

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