It’s the little things…

Food from Kona Grill.

Yummy Mango Margaritas. I have the one without the salt…eeww.
Emilio Pucci sandals

A gift from Lush from one of my girl’s for helping her style a look for a Christmas party. I STILL haven’t opened it…smh.
My vintage bag and Christian Dior box (will be used for jewelry maybe)
The BEST Smoked salmon BLT I made over the weekend to go with my pasta salad. Recipe here.A pasta salad I free-styled over the weekend. It was cool but not my favorite…lol.
I made these cream cheese filled strawberries and topped them off with thin sliced almonds. They are SLAMMIN! πŸ˜€
Pic via Afterdrk from Amsterdam Fashion Week

Have a great Monday!



About Taliah

I have a deep affinity for style, vintage, music, vacations, friends, and love. My diary of fashion is to share my personal style, random thoughts and experiences with anyone who cares to read. I dont really follow trends, I follow what feels right. Confidence is key. xoxo
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12 Responses to It’s the little things…

  1. Michelle of Chellbellz says:

    Everything looks yummy! Those Strawberries, is it plain cream cheese or did you mix it with something?

  2. Tashia says:

    Can you make me some of those Strawberries!!?!?!?!?! yummy

  3. Chanel says:

    This is truly a refreshing post. I love how you are so well-rounded and willing to expand your talents beyond your fashion for passion. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

    The Other Coco Chanel*
    Style~ Spotlighted at

  4. biggest fan says:

    WOWWWWY! Look at my baby girl, making food like that we might have to get you at FOOD FOR LIFE SUPREME in Harlem,those strawberries are gourmet, very creative!

  5. Melody says:

    OMG I’m starving now!!!! everything looks so DELISH!

    Melody x

  6. ASH Sandals says:

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  7. Mattie James says:

    Um, yeah. Thanks. I’m hungry now. Loving your hair and that vintage bag is giving me LIFE!

  8. Xaviera says:

    ah thanks girl πŸ™‚

    wow great food porn pictures…and you got some culinary skills yourself :D!

  9. Kris says:

    I love food posts yay! Everything looks amazing! And look at you! Now were those cream cheese icing filled strawberries, or just cream cheese? Whatever the case, I’m sure they were amazing! I love both cream cheese and strawberries!

    How nice of your friend to get you a gift, you better open it LOL!

    And yes Dior vintage… I would DEF use the box for extra jewelry space πŸ™‚

  10. makeupbymjay says:

    OMG! You’re making me love fashion all over again. You have no idea what an inspiration you are to me and I’m sure many more. Loving all your looks and will be jacking some of them!! On another note…why haven’t you opened that gift?!?! When you do, please let me know if you likey πŸ™‚ I would love to come to your city before the year is up. Call me! xoxo Mjay

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