Interview with Marion Bergin from Bitching and Junkfood

It’s amazing how you can spot a random person on the street because of their style and later find out, they are part owners of a major online store for men and women. I met Marion Bergin (Bitching and Junkfood) while in Dublin, I was scouting for Street Style and she caught my attention in the pandemonium of foot traffic in the popular store River Island. She was very sweet from the beginning and she even stepped outside in the pouring rain, so I can take a pic of her. After learning more about Marion and Bitching and Junkfood, I just had to do an interview with her to give my American readers a glimpse into London style. The name alone sounds so hip and fun and her style is uber-cool. Marion and her partner Kath has done a great job with giving the eclectic and edgy shoppers what they want which includes niche designer labels and vintage fashion.. I totally see Rihanna shopping on this site. are open to collaboration having most recently designed SS10 and AW10 jewellery ranges for Urban Outfitters and launching a Remade section on their designer floors in Cophenhagen and LDN. (from their website)

Check it out here.

1.  Explain the name Bitching and Junkfood because it has such a bad ass ring to it. I love it!

Well it’s a lifestyle thing. When I was working in fashion buying Saturday we always went to party and cut loose. Sunday was all about recovering, hanging out with your friends, bitching and eating Junkfood. It was bitching in a positive way though – letting off steam. I actually have no time for bitchiness in the industry in general and think it’s completely unecessary – it should not be brought into the workplace, cakes, sweets and junkfood are always welcome.

2. Name two of your style icons.  Dead and Alive.

I don’t really have icons – I’ve just never really been the kind of person to religiously follow one person or look.  I’m far more inspired by the people around me. When I was growing up I was mad about the whole ghetto fabulous look and a big fan of Mary J Blige and everything she wore – I think she may have started my fur obsession. I think Lou Doillon is effortlessly chic and I’d love to rock a Betsey Johnson look(bleached blonde hair, red lipstick) when I’m older.

3. What are your Winter Must Haves for this year?

My winter must-haves – a decent fur coat will last you for years. I have a Burgundy fox fur and leather Christian Dior Fur coat that I live in. You can throw on an amazing fur with a pair of ripped jeans and still look a million dollars. A fur trapper hat – it’s been really cold in London with lots of snow so this is keeping warm with an edge.  My Bitchy shorts (Remade Levi’s 501, underbutt cut) are my uniform with semi opaque tights and an over-the-knee sock layered. A big oversized vintage knit, ideally Aran. A knitted Turban. Some shoulder grazing hoops.

4. How would you define your city’s fashion?

Although I’m a Dublin girl, London’s really my city. I’ve been living here for six years and it’s my home. It’s really hard to pin down London style. There are looks specific to particular areas and if you travel 8 stops on a tube line you’ll find people dressed completely different. West London is polished designer, Brixton you can see a whole West Indian inspired style, Camden you got punks and Rockabillies – it’s the eclecticism that I love. I live in East where most street style bloggers will go to take pictures, it’s a bit more directional with it’s own little micro-trends.

5. What are your three favorite places to shop in London/Dublin?

London – Brick Lane for all the vintage and niche boutiques, lots of great coffee shops, bars and street art too.
– Broadway market which is right beside our studio, a mix of vintage, food and craft stalls.
– Dover Street Market is the most beautiful space in London a retail/gallery type concept store with great installations.
Dublin  I don’t really shop there I just party so I’ll tell you my fave places to party instead
-The South William, amazing cocktails, good tunes, nice people.
-The Grand Social, a great bar that feels a bit like a warehouse with a really cool roof space with lots of old sofas.
-Grogans, a real traditional Irish pub, you kind of feel like you’ve stepped into some old man’s pub in the countryside.

6. Give me one word to describe your style.


7. If you could have the perfect round of attendees at your dinner table, who would it be?

Kath(the other half of Bitching and Junkfood, she cracks me up), Caravaggio(my favorite artist of all time), Russell Brand, Pharell Williams, Vivienne Westwood, Tracey Emin, Rhianna, Courtney Love, Andy Warhol, Graham Norton – I wanna be entertained.
8. Also, what are your favorite brands on Bitching and Junkfood?
Cheap Monday is a great brand and really affordable – their jeans are really flattering. I’m also a big KTZ fan – you can wear just one piece and make a huge impact. Long Clothing – both myself and Kath live in their black hoodie, it’s so comfy.
I am absolutely in love with this bustier dress from by KTZ Bijoux

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