Handbags in the City: Part 1

Forbes list for Best Shopping Cities in the U.S. in 2010 was published and it surprised many shoppers and readers. The list included places like Columbus, OH, Milwaukee, and Nashville. When I first saw a tweet from Glamour Mag, it was posed as a question and before I clicked on the link, I guessed a few cities and found out I was correct on 2- Scottsdale (Phoenix), AZ and Dallas, TX. So, as I continued to read the full list, to my surprise, Baltimore, MD made #3. I was pretty stoked because I am familiar with some of the best boutiques and shopping areas in town.

I wanted to showcase some of my favorite boutiques who offer a plethora of styles and designers. First up is Handbags in the City located in the upscale, Harbor East area of Baltimore, owned by George Sakellaris. It has an amazing selection of Handbags, clothes, accessories, and shoes. This store has been around for years and gives the fashionista exactly what he/she wants.

Check it out!

U.K. designer Lulu Guiness PERSPEX Lips clutches

They also come in a Swarovoski Style (Bee-uu-ti-ful!!!)

The classic MCM handbags. I love the fanny pack I’m wearing here is the Olympics edition and George said they made a select few and he was one of the stores to carry it. I absolutely love it!

Some of the sweet clothes in handbags in the City. I will feature more clothes in Part 2 edition. The dress shown above is by Yumi Kim. I love their dresses. Here I am wearing one of their dresses.

Wearing a Sanctuary jacket with a Long Champ purse. Absolutely marvelous. You have to go check this coat/jacket out!

Some fly men’s accessories and cuff links

The popular London based Mulberry Bags, including the highly favored “Alexa” bag worn on my shoulder. This bag has been everywhere!

I was so distraught when I ran out of time for my full blog post. I was nowhere near done capturing all of the flyness through the store. I didn’t even get to the shoes and some of the other purses. So I need you guys to stay posted for Part 2 coming soon. 🙂

Check out George and Handbags in the City at 840 Aliceanna St. Also, Check out there website http://www.handbagsinthecity.net/ and make sure you to tell them Taliah from Fashion Was Here sent you.

Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. George usually has great sales on his items as well. And his customer service is Superb! 😀



About Taliah

I have a deep affinity for style, vintage, music, vacations, friends, and love. My diary of fashion is to share my personal style, random thoughts and experiences with anyone who cares to read. I dont really follow trends, I follow what feels right. Confidence is key. xoxo
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2 Responses to Handbags in the City: Part 1

  1. Lawrence W. says:

    Great Post Taliah! I remember when they first opened, one store down from Taco Fiesta. Lol. I had an expensive GF at the time. I purchased a purse for her, a JC Ipod case (smdh) and some Gucci shades for me. This had to be over 4-5 yrs ago now. George was a cool guy.even tried to get a commercial done for them! They moved around the corner since. But still an awesome boutique. Ladies and some fellas need to check it out!

  2. Fancy says:

    Yay! Can’t WAIT to hit that store up, spending all of McLovin’s first paycheck. Hehehe

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