Golden Goose Has Laid Its Egg

Okay, someone please tell me why these boots are 1200 bucks! Okay…seriously, thats pretty damn high. They are hand made but geez!..I dont know if I can do that.

Here is the designer’s bio:

Designed by Italian duo Alessandro and Francesca Gallo, Golden Goose is a brand married to quality and exceptional design. Using age-old techniques, the designers create pieces that are simple upon first glance but beautifully intricate when given a closer look, making Golden Goose a must-have for any fashionable closet.

Check out one of my favorites that I will adore from afar because there is NO WAY Iwill be purchasing these boots.


About Taliah

I have a deep affinity for style, vintage, music, vacations, friends, and love. My diary of fashion is to share my personal style, random thoughts and experiences with anyone who cares to read. I dont really follow trends, I follow what feels right. Confidence is key. xoxo
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