That "It Girl"

She listens to Lil Wayne and loves Zac Posen. Genevieve Jones is my kinda fashionista. Although i must admit, i’m really just getting enough scoop on her to really dig her persona, she seems to exude this relaxed but fashionable steez that makes me want more. Check out this article she did with Nylon mag…

What was the first outfit you ever styled for yourself?
When I was about 13 I was so totally in love with this outfit from Lip Service or Tripp—not totally sure—but it was a tight black miniskirt and matching long-sleeve top that showed my tummy and it had a cross skull bone print all over both pieces. I wore with fishnet stockings and black Dr. Martens. I accessorized with tons of flea market jewelry. I was obsessed with collecting big Lucite rings from the ’60s and I wore those on every finger. Ha, ha…that outfit shaped my life practically.

How would you describe your personal style today?
It’s classic taken to the edge. I just like to have fun and think I look great when I walk out the house. I anticipate every designer’s new collection each season. I looovvve dressing up! I don’t have ‘bad days’ with frocks. I keep my already tiny closets half empty, filled, and spread out with only great pieces. I don’t have anything that practical and/or any fillers lurking around but I take my American Apparel very seriously! I may wear the same outfit four days in a row but at least I’m confident it’s a really chic outfit.
Who is your fashion icon?
My fashion icon is a tie between Charlotte Rampling and Donyale Luna. With Charlotte, it wasn’t so much about her style—she is just so beautiful, she personifies “cool.” It’s her spirit I find fashionably iconic. With Donyale, she embodied fashion and turned it into life. I saw a picture of her in black lace up thigh-high boots and black vinyl pants and I made my mom take me shopping on Decateur Street [New Orleans] to get that look the day I saw her. I fell in love… I was 14.

What designers are you into these days?
Marc Jacobs and Zac Posen (they get their own row).I love Rodarte, YSL, Christopher Kane, Balenciaga, Etro, Givenchy, Elise Overland, Alexander Wang, threeASFOUR, Thakoon, Kai Kühne, Jonathan Saunders, Bernhard Wilhelm, J. Mendel, Nina Ricci… Everybody!

What music is playing in the studio when you design?
I can’t get enough of Yeasayer, Deerhunter, Phosphorescent, Grizzly Bear… Waiting for new TV on the Radio. Pharrell and Lil Wayne can do no wrong. Ooiiy! Neil Young xoxo! He’s my all time favorite. If I’m not working and I’m listening to him I’ll start doing something creative like drawing or painting or just sitting, dreaming…

Will you expand your line to include clothing?
Right now I have my hands full with my jewelry and handbag line. I dream of doing tableware, cutlery, pottery, furniture, and even skateboards. I’d like to design jewelry collections for a fine jewelry house like Cartier, Chopard, Bulgari, Tiffany… I’m not picky. Honestly I don’t think about designing clothes; maybe a drawing on a T-shirt. I’ll do a capsule collection for a fashion label in a heartbeat though and trust it would be amazing! Truly, its all very romantic ideas I hope to indulge in sometime in my lifetime.



About Taliah

I have a deep affinity for style, vintage, music, vacations, friends, and love. My diary of fashion is to share my personal style, random thoughts and experiences with anyone who cares to read. I dont really follow trends, I follow what feels right. Confidence is key. xoxo
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